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BIOAQUA 2 Pcs Anti Acne Removal Face Cream & Acne Removal Serum

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BIOAQUA Natural Blueberry Wonder Essence Face Serum 15ml

Original price was: ₨899.00.Current price is: ₨699.00.
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BIOAQUA Niacinome Avocado Elasticity Moisturizing Face Serum

Original price was: ₨899.00.Current price is: ₨699.00.

How to use:
Clean the face
then take 1-2 drops apply, gently massage until absorbed.

For sensitive skin, please try it on a small area after ear, and use it after a few hours without adverse reaction. Noodles can not be used for too long. After the mask is dried, skin moisture will be taken away.

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1.Containing Avocado Extracts, Can improve the skin of staying up late, water and oil imbalance, play a rapid repair of water to restore vitality of the skin.
2.Improves fine lines, increases skin elasticity and brightens skin tone.
3.Revitalize the skin, effectively improve the freshness of the skin, enjoy a moment of clear and comfortable, repair from the inside out
4.Awaken white skin, have a strong effect on the activation of the skin layer, and have an important skin defense effect.
5.Carefully developed to provide multiple skin care to the skin.


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