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BIOAQUA Blackhead Remover 3 Steps Sachet Mini Pack

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BIOAQUA Set Of 3 White Rice Beauty Whitening Series

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BIOAOUA Hyaluronic Acid Rice Raw Pulp Essence Face Serum 15ml

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How To Use
1. Wash and clean your skin with gentle soap and pat dry with a clean towel
2. Place 2-3 drops on your fingers and rub it with the opposite fingers to distribute the essence, then massage unto your skin evenly.
3. Massage from the inward to outwards direction until the essence is fully absorbed
STOP IMMEDIATELY when any irritation upon usage

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What it is: A non-greasy, easy-to-absorb facial serum with hyaluronic acid and rice extracts to hydrate the skin, help with dehydration, and help the skin feel elastic.
Skin Type: √Normal, √Dry, √Combination, √Sensitive and √Oily.
Skincare Concerns: Dry and rough skin, uneven skin tone, sensitive, anti-aging.
Contains white rice germ essence, to help nourish and moisture skin, replenishment and moisturizing, to make skin shiny moist soft and tender.
Help to nourish eye skin, hydrating and let eyes to be bright.


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