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HUDA Matte Finish 5 in 1 Lipstick

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Acryl Nail Gel Kit for Extension Nails

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Man Zi Miao Lip Tint Pack of 6 in Diiferent Colours

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Non-stick cup / Long Lasting Maintain/ Waterproof/ Water-Resistant / Without fading / Meltdown.velvet matte surface,The tint color will long lasting for all day.

Apply at the middle point of the lips, and then lip brush along the contour lips, thin lips painted, to show sexy beautiful lips.

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With the appeals of intensity and delicacy of a well-aged wine, this long finish lip tint dyes and moisturizes your lips at the same time.

A long finishing lip tint containing extracts from France premium wine for a stronger moisturizing and covering effect.

Volume : 7g

To make wine for the inspiration and the center of a series of make up. The lip gloss kit is the more lovely shell made of a red bottle shape.


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